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Alteredge Videos
Here are the video's created by Alteredgemedia.
Details and podcasts from Raconteurs News.
The Lounge (general chat)
A place to kick back and chat..
A place to discuss all aspects of the events surrounding 911
Investigate the July 7 2005 bombings in London
Other false flag events.
For false flag events outside 9/11 and 7/7
Future Wars, Weapons & Lessons from History
The current global security situation. Wars in the Middle East, UN Security Council, NATO, EU Rapid Reaction Force, Russia, China, India-Pakistan, America, Africa. Also includes future weapons, e.g. bioweapons, gene bombs, sound cannons.
Freemen on the land

Red blue or yellow, is there any difference?
The EU

The economic crisis
The Euro, world economy etc
New world order
Is a new world order being built?
Big Brother Watch
Subjects relating to the BIG Brother 'Orwellian' state, including police surveillance, internet surveillance, 'FaceBook', 'Google', 'YouTube', airport security, ID cards, micro-chipping, invasion of privacy, and infringements on internet freedoms (i.e. ACTA, SOPA e.t.c.)....
Climate Change
Is man made climate change/ global warming/ hole in the ozone layer/ acid rain all a great con?
Natural world events
Earthquake, tsunami, volcano etc etc
HAARP & energy weapons
For Carlisa
Chemtrails or contrails? Have the debate here.
Toxic chemicals
Flouride in the water, Bisphenol-A etc
Agenda 21, Codex Alimentarius e.t.c.
Also includes topics such as GMOs, Monsanto, Electromagnetic pollution, e.t.c.
Big Pharma
Mainstream health issues (and conspiracies), including, the pharmaceutical industry, the NHS, psychiatry, vaccines, flu "epidemics", medical blunders and scandals, e.t.c.
Alternative healthcare
Non mainstream healthcare.
MK Ultra
As requested UNI
JFK, RFK, Dr David Kelly, Robin Cook etc etc etc
Outer Space & the Universe
The title pretty much sums it up; Planets, space exploration and research e.t.c.
UFO talk
Bird? Plane? Chinese lantern? Or something extraterrestrial?
Hidden history
archaeology, ancient artefacts, Klaus Dona, pyramids e.t.c
Religion, The Church, and Spirituality
Discuss and share topics related to mainstream religions of all denominations and their histories, The New Age movement/deception, The Vatican, Holy wars, inquistions, mysticism, channelling, meditation, and other dimensional communications, e.t.c.
Esoteria & The Occult
Symbols, logos, numerology, occult calendar-dates, secrets of the Mystery Schools, magick, alchemy, Gnosis, ritualism, Satanism, Gods & deities, sun worship/astrotheology, e.t.c....
Secret societies
Skull & bones, freemasons etc.
Media Manipulation, Symbolism & Trojan Horses
Discuss how the mainstream news is being manipulated, and also how the majority are being distracted from what's really going on. Also includes subjects within TV, radio, the movie industry, celebrity culture, magazines & newspapers, and Wikileaks.
2012 watch
Is it the end?
The Olympics
All Olympic chat here..
Discuss and share info regarding conspiracies within the music industry, including suspicious deaths, Satanism, symbolism and logos, and Mind Control as well as established conspiracies such as the 'Paul is Dead' theory, Lady Gaga/Rihanna, the Jay-Z Freemason connection e.t.c.
Are they for real?
A forum dedicated to the 'names' in the alternative media, David Icke, Alex Jones etc
Must see videos
Post your must see online videos here..
The Beatles & Beyond
Subjects connected to The Beatles and their solo journeys (John, Paul, George & Ringo)
The Stanley Kubrick Enigma

The Reset
The good, the bad and the downright ugly.
Truth on TV
On the edge

Behind the sofa

One step beyond

The light and energy show

General edge media comments

Truth on TV
Discuss tv shows and networks with an alternative agenda here
Your input
Suggest new catagories or discussion topics that may need their own forum.
Taking Action
What you can do to protect yourself and action you can take against the machine
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