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The Matrix Deciphered

The Matrix Deciphered

This is how Robert Duncan's (194 pages / 2010) courageous book ends:

           My predictions of the reprisals on me for writing this book
           After this book gets published, attempts at discrediting me and further destruction of my life will be made. Expect rumored slander by the disinformation machine to kick into overdrive.
           I expect rather than solving the problem and admitting wrong doing, the entities and people responsible will be busy pointing their finger and covering their secret bases.

           What warfare will be initiated on me from divulging the plans of the idiots and puppets in power, 24 years early?
           I expect they will use the plausible denial method. I expect to be set up for any number of legal issues that may land me in a secret trial and secret prison. Perhaps they can brand me as a “terrorist” because I spend time reproducing microwave brain modulation techniques, EEG mind influencing and reading technologies, and electromagnetic pulse projects in hopes of demonstrating and helping the public understand these science fiction directed energy weapons. I expect to be silently assassinated by the system SATAN (Silent Assassination Through Amplification of Neurons) or one of the many other methods that look like “natural causes” – heart attack, car crash, cancer, or like in Olsen’s case maybe dosed with LSD, hammered in the back of the head, and thrown out of a 14 story building to look like a suicide. President Bush apologized for the CIA doing this. At least two other scientists who worked on the integration of UK/US Navy NATO systems who know nuclear submarine signatures and the capabilities of the global surveillance systems including SIGINT, SIGCOM, HAARP and electronic warfare have perished in unexplainable suicides, so I should not expect anything less. Most frightening of all is I know they have fully mapped my mind and have demonstrated incomprehensible control over my thoughts and actions. Although they have stopped on the 1 year anniversary of my ordeal, they could suddenly take control again. But they can’t do any of these things until this book is published then my work is done. I have to the best of my abilities described their methods, strategies, and technologies. I have told you how to protect yourselves and how to restore a true democracy and freedom of thought and expression. It is you, the reader, that must act not as an individual but as an ambassador for the entire human race representing all the people who can not understand what is being done to them and their children’s future. You are now a soldier in this informational civil war, one of the truly enlightened, who must help us fight the forces of ignorance and darkness hiding behind the shroud of secrecy which are currently prevailing.

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